Solutions Through Evolution

The iV Series was developed with UBE's accumulated experience and technologies through our popular G-series machines and more recent iS model.


The iV series feature the following technologies:

CastNavi, New Human Machine Interfacecast-navi
12.1 inch color touch panel screen
Friendly and memorable design of screen
Easy daily maintenance
8 step easy setting of casting condition 

HS-DDV (Electric Servo valve)hs-ddv
Developed for super-fast shot control
Real time feedback shot control (Closed Loop)
Multi speed control with 10 point parameter setting

I-Stop Servoi-stop-servo
Energy saving servo pump with idling stop & rotational speed control
Cut unnecessary consumed power by stopping servo motor during unloading of pump

Center Press Platencenter-press-platen
Equal clamping force through out the die with center press technology
High rigidity by High level CAE analysis



Stabilized D Framestabilized-d-frame
High rigidity of injection D frame maintains ideal centering of shot
Contribution to longer life of shot tip and sleeve


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